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May 2015:  Rick is excited to announce he's entered a publishing & licensing contract with Preston Bevrly Group



New album Xperiments - Listen for free on Bandcamp (May 2015)

The music in this collection was developed between 2001-2009. Some of the tracks represent wholly original electronic compositions. Others were constructed through the manipulation of samples & instrument loops. The cuts range from ambient works to beat-driven textures to dance tracks.


Rick Sparks "Jazz" (Fall 2014) - Listen for free on YouTube

Stylistically, this album is all over the place! There are introspective solo piano pieces, short tracks which were composed for scenes in dramatic film & video projects, and full-length songs - including the lounge track "Nova Bosso" (Rick's first track licensed multiple times by users of the AudioMicro stock music service).

Between 1999-2003 tracks were developed for what was to become the next release by Suture. Tyson & Sparks were unable to make time to collaborate and the project has been on indefinite hiatus since then. Seven of the tracks were compiled by Sparks in 2010 and you can listen to them for free on SoundCloud.


Click here to download Suture's entire 1998 album "Symboljism"

In 1994 Rick formed an industrial music project called Suture with his comrade Tyson Townsend. Their work received favorable reviews from zines like Sonic Boom & Industrial Nation, with specific notes recommending the music to those who were into the noise scene, as well as those who enjoy grinding electronics with brilliant sample selections.